Culture & Communications

Eagle Ray team members have a passion for improving performance in our client organizations. To do that, we are constantly working to improve our own processes, our performance, and ourselves. We practice open communication, continual feedback, and integration of lessons learned. We set and meet high standards for execution, professionalism, and integrity.

Our team uses powerful collaboration tools to share ideas, expand our corporate knowledge base, and integrate what we learn as we work with our clients.

At Eagle Ray, we:

  • recognize that members of our organization bring particular talents, experience, and perspective to their work
  • leverage the strength of our diverse experience base
  • seek to understand how a problem looks from various viewpoints, in order to formulate the most powerful solution

To our employees, this means opportunities to gain a more profound understanding of current skill areas and to expand into new areas of learning. To our clients, this means we bring the broadest range of knowledge and experience to the transformation of their organizations.

Corporate culture is an organic group phenomenon, whereby tradition passes on acquired learning to successive generations, while innovation builds capacity to evolve with the environment.

The interplay between these complementary forces manifests in the shared beliefs and assumptions of the workforce. It is visible in shared attitudes, behaviors and artifacts, and determines the quality of (business) outcomes and results.

The Corporate Culture Handbook, Gabrielle O’Donovan