Enterprise Architecture

Eagle Ray combines best practices, tools and services to help clients achieve a solid, enterprise architecture (EA), compliant with all federal requirements, in months rather than years. For clients that already have an EA developed, Eagle Ray can perform independent validation and verification of compliance with OMB, GAO and best-practice criteria, and can produce a set of recommended next steps.

In response to the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996, most federal agencies have initiated efforts to create EA awareness or to build an EA management foundation. The scope of these EA projects ranges from functional area or sub-agency architectures to agency-wide definitions that leverage process and technology commonality throughout the organization.

To help clients achieve greater internal efficiencies, streamline business operations, and improve inter-agency collaboration through robust EA efforts, Eagle Ray offers:

  • EA Modeling
  • Architecture Alignment and Assessment
  • Federal and DoD Enterprise Architecture Frameworks (FEAF, DoDAF)