Eagle Ray’s data-driven mindset and organizational change know-how, combined with our intimate knowledge of the Intelligence Community culture and environment, supports our customers’ objectives in the areas Strategic Support, Enterprise IT Service Managment, and Information Assurance. We leverage our expertise in industry best practices to design practical solutions that deliver:

  • Measureable transformation aligned to mission needs and resourcing realities
  • IT workforce strategies to align behavior to new ways of working
  • Integrated systematic processes and performance measures of effectiveness to generate real programmatic efficiencies and agile service delivery
  • Customer engagement strategies for rigorous requirements validation and proactive expectation management
  • Disciplined enterprise governance to facilitate fact-based decision-making and drive required compliance
  • Standardized analysis of alternatives, project forecasting, scheduling and budgeting
  • Effective pilot planning and execution to validate intended outcomes
  • Independent enterprise solutions for security, integration and interoperability verification and validation
  • Repeatability, with successes leveraged for evolutionary improvement

Strategic Support

Maximize EVM Benefits While Minimizing Costs

We assist DOD/IC organizations in successfully establishing and running Earned Value Management Systems with minimal cost while maximizing EVM benefits. When every dollar counts, our clients appreciate the enhanced ability to:

  • Forecast cost and schedule impacts due to scope changes
  • Track requirements via the project schedule to ensure compliance and validate cost
  • Effectively respond to Performance Baseline changes

Features include:

  • Cost data gathered, forecasted and reported per the WBS within the Financial Management Plan
  • Project updates reported independently
  • Automated EVMS cost and progress updates
  • Financial data tracked within the EVMS by type or source
  • Consolidated Metrics Brief with unbiased recommendations
  • All standard CPR Format 1-5 reports, and Curve reports available at the Cost Account WBS level
  • EVMS measures and metrics such as CPI/SPI, CV/SV, TCPI, EAC
  • Able to adhere to strict variance compliance parameters
  • Reports analyzed against the Project Baseline, Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan

Meaningful Milestones with our Next Generation PMO

When approaching project lifecycle milestones, PMs often lack consistent guidance on required documentation, format, audience expectations, and decision authorities. Implementing our Next Generation PMO solution, Eagle Ray develops, coordinates, and trains PMs on standard briefing templates for each milestone; prepares pre- and post-milestone activity checklists to assist PMs; creates milestone attendance distribution lists; and conducts Milestone Readiness Reviews (MRRs) to provide PMs with an objective assessment of preparedness before the scheduled milestone. For one of our clients, these activities reduced the number of issues raised during milestone reviews by approximately 25% and shortened the review duration by 30 minutes on average, thus improving the effective use of time and resources.

Enterprise IT Service Management

Minimize Risk to Operational Environment with Optimized IV&V

We provide a rigorous set of independent validation and verification testing services to reduce the risk involved with deploying new or existing systems to your enterprise.  Our unrivaled validation capabilities consist of evaluating systems for integration into the production environment and interoperability of data between key systems, while providing oversight of functional testing.   We provide verification by empowering intelligent decision making based on risk management strategies utilizing gathered metrics and concise reporting of the testing event.

Information Assurance

Protect your Enterprise with Our Cyber-specific Management Approach

We provide a full range of Cyber-security program management, acquisition support, technical, compliance, and risk management functions to meet Intelligence Community unique requirements.  We specialize in assessments with practical recommendations that address the operational balance between system efficiency and information assurance requirements.  We perform research, functional and empirical analyses to recommend solutions for the design, development, deployment and integration of complex enterprise Cyber-security systems. Our  MIL-STD-8570-compliant staff enhances Enterprise security posture.  Utilizing our solutions, clients improve processes, performance and compliance related to ICD 503, JDCSISSS, and D-JSIG, including cross-domain systems (CDS).

IT Modernization

Deliver End-to-End Enterprise Mobility

Federal government agencies are seeking the use of mobile technology to improve delivery of information, products and services, engage citizens, reduce the cost of operations, and increase workforce productivity. From strategy and governance to mobile device management and security, Eagle Ray provides agencies with end to end support to help achieve enterprise mobility. Our expertise includes voice, data, video, broadband, biometrics, RFID and more. We help agencies:

  • Evaluate mobile computing options for agency specific fit and purpose – Defense, Intelligence and Civilian
  • Develop mobile applications for collaboration, productivity and mission support
  • Deploy devices and platforms that leverage the latest secure mobile technologies
  • Implement and operate mobile device management strategies

Advanced Technology Validation and Insertion

Leverage Machine Learning to Improve Behavior-specific Risk Assessment Capabilities

Eagle Ray is responsible for designing applied analytical solutions for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) based on requirements incorporate sophisticated machine learning techniques to analyze intelligence and CBP data.

Employing an integrated and interdisciplinary team to research specific threat behavior using all reasonably available data (classified, open source, DHS historical and transactional data, etc.), Eagle Ray then analyzes and models that behavior to develop behavior-specific risk assessment techniques.  Our risk assessment techniques result in actionable intelligence to update or create watchlists or “blacklists” for suspect entities; new rule sets to target the specific threat behavior; and new machine learning models to target this specific behavior.  Once these techniques are finalized, our team works with the various Automated Targeting System (ATS) development and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) teams to integrate with existing risk assessment systems/infrastructure.